Drinking From A Firehose

Two weeks in the books. It is wild how quickly time passes when you are busy. As the world slowly begins to open up, I will still be remote this summer. There will soon come a point when everything is right with the world, and society will be back to normal - more or less. We are not quite there, and until that point, I will have to man my post from the comfort of my own home.

To set the stage, it may be helpful to provide a brief overview of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and the work that we do. The American Chemistry Council is an industry trade association for American chemical companies. They represent the interests of American chemical companies both at home and abroad, often providing scientific and policy recommendations to decision-makers. I am working with ACC’s global team, which coordinates with international actors and global partners to assist in addressing environmental challenges.

Getting dropped into the world of international and domestic environmental policy is as challenging as it is fascinating. The volume of material needed to comprehend the current state of play and the challenges we are working to address are immense. Readings, meetings, seminars, whatever it takes to get my feet under me, I have been inundated in it. There is a constant battle to remain informed on matters that are always in flux, and that has made these topics even interesting.

Working in the intersection of law and policy provides a unique perspective into both worlds. ACC has access to a diversity of industry experts that I have had the opportunity to hear from. Only two weeks in and I have listened to discussions from renowned scientists, administrative agencies, industry professionals, policy analysts, and international partners. Good policy stems from good science, and decisions need to be grounded in positions that represent our best understanding of science.

I have already gotten my hands into a diversity of issues, and I do not doubt that I have only scratched the surface. The work is challenging, the problems are complex, and I have enjoyed it immensely so far. I have been drinking from a firehose since day one, and hopefully, I will be able to meaningfully contribute in some small part to the policy challenges we are working to address.