Part 1

This summer, I’m working at the Office of General Counsel at the U.S. Agency for International Development. Working in the international human rights and development field was my goal when I came to law school, so I’m really excited for the opportunity to work at USAID.

The Office of General Counsel has a number of different divisions, some of which focus on the Agency’s development programming, including global health and democracy. Other divisions do work common to all federal agencies, such as appropriations, ethics and administration, and legislation and policy. Finally, there are also regional divisions.

All of the interns have been assigned to two divisions, so I’ll be working with the Asia and Ethics and Administration divisions. Last summer, I interned with the Constitutional Court of Indonesia and the Center for Constitutional Studies (PUSaKO) at Andalas University in Padang, Indonesia, so I’m really excited for the opportunity to work on the Asia team this summer and to learn more about the region.

The first week has mainly involved new employee training, introductions, learning the structure of the Office and Agency, and trying to remember all of the acronyms used at the Agency. I’ve been able to meet the other interns, as well as everyone on the Asia and Ethics and Administration teams. Overall, it’s been a great first week and I’m excited for the rest of the summer.