Internship with OCC-IC

This summer, I am interning with the Department of Commerce, Office of the Chief Counsel for International Commerce (OCC-IC). I am very excited about this opportunity because I've always wanted to work on international trade/business legal issues. This summer is the perfect opportunity to gain exposure to this field fo work by working alongside the legal experts at OCC-IC.  

During my first week at the internship, I was amazed by the diversity of legal issues that this office deals with. These issues include anti-corruption, international tax, data privacy, CFIUS, intellectual property, international investment, and etc.. My assignments range from learning about digital services tax and carbon border adjustment to understanding foreign investment law in many countries. I hope to gain more substantive expertise in these issues at the end of my internship.

On a different note, I was invited to join the office in their first post-covid celebration. It was my first time meeting my colleagues, and I was amazed by their backgrounds. Some worked for international law firms abroad, while others clerked for judges before coming to this office. I'm excited to learn more about my colleagues.

In my following blog entries, I will speak more about the exciting work I am doing at the OCC-IC. Even though this internship is remote, I look forward to the summer experience.