GeorgetownUnfortunately, I got Covid two weeks ago, so I had to stay at home for quarantine according to ACC’s Covid protocol. The first two days after getting Covid were a nightmare, but I recovered gradually and could work. During that time, I was asked to cover up various online webinars and zoom meetings. My primary responsibility is to write meeting minutes or read up after each session.

Surprisingly, I found this task challenging because I was unfamiliar with specific topics discussed during each webinar. I was asked to cover up a senate hearing about supply chain resiliency. With my background in economics, I was relatively easy to understand the trade-related issues spotted during the hearing. However, I was still lost whenever the senators mentioned some Acts, for example, American Clean Energy and Security Act. I had to watch the recording to finalize my notes. To me, taking notes for a meeting or a webinar is different from taking class notes. I read cases and prepare class briefs for each discussion, so I, at least have some idea of what professors will talk about during class. Yet, it is a different situation in real life. I discussed this challenge with my supervisor later, and she said she could relate to me. In real life, we learn while we are working.

Besides, I also attended a meeting for Regulatory Advocacy and Information Network (RAIN). It was meeting with ACC’s global partners. Therefore, it lasted 7 hours, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Although there was a 20 - minute break and 30 - minute lunchtime, I was pretty exhausted in the end. Nevertheless, I learned a lot through the meeting and, once again, witnessed global collaboration towards a common goal.