Week 3

This week was extremely interested and enlightening. I spent my week finishing up the research report that I was given on school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV). I was tasked with researching the current policies in South Africa on SRGBV and also finding the gaps in those policies. I took it a step further and compared the current policies to those in other countries and gave my suggestions on what can be done to make the current policies in South Africa better. 

In addition to this, I took a few work trips to the courthouse to file a few documents. This allowed me to see how day-to-day court operations in Cape Town worked. I began to map out the rest of my assignments for my time here and where I can help the candidate attorney's out further.

I also took a trip to the Sheriff's office to withdraw from a few cases. Here in Cape Town if for any reason you want to withdraw from a case but do not want to serve the client yourself, you can have the Sheriff serve them. 

Lastly, I had a meeting with the education team on what the yearly plan looks like and how we interns would play a part in it. I really enjoyed this week because instead of feeling like an intern, I had a say in a lot of the important decisions as far as the assignments being compelted during my time here.