Week 4

This week I was directed to complete one project and began another. The first project was to research multiple research databases to find a form that would allow people to apply for citizenship. This task was not supposed to take more than a day considering the attorney informed me that I would most likely not find anything but wanted me to make sure. Regulations to legislation contains the forms needed to give effect to the legislation. So, if it’s not in the regulations, the forms have not been adopted – this may sound unusual, but this is the circumstances currently in South Africa.


Second project was based on a podcast that we are going to make about girls’ experiences in school, as well as educator sexual misconduct against learners. I had a few meetings this week to create a path to the end result which is the podcast. Me and an attorney discussed a possible questionnaire for prior learners age 18-25. I was tasked with coming up with a sequence of questions that would gracefully ask these prior learners about sexual misconduct in schools. Having knowledge about this sensitive subject and how it can be hard for people to feel conformable discussing this topic allowed me to create questions that would lay the right groundwork. Next week I will be finalizing the final questionnaire to go live.


I also got a head start on a food scarcity project by picking through 6 research topics that will be my main assignment for Week 6-8.