Week 5

This week was very similar to last week. I mad more progress on two of my projects.
The first project being the food scarcity project where I am researching 2 topics- (1) the right to food under domestic , regional and international law and policy and (2) current national food nutrition programme in South Africa, as well as considering international best practices in this regard. As a jump off to this I was asked by one of the attorneys in the education department to read through an article that discusses the two topics I'm working on and put it into my own words with references. This is due this coming Wednesday.


The second project being the questionnaire I discussed in my last blog. I am still waiting on feedback to put together the final product and when it is done, I'll attach it to my blog so you all can check out my work. 

Overall, I am most excited about finishing up these projects and seeing how it helps the attorneys I'm assisting. I think the most interesting aspect of this whole process is seeing how different South Africa looks at issues and the difference in their laws compared to the United States.