Abigail Grand Internship Blog

Ch. 6 - Before the Goodbyes Start

This week, I am condensing the 2021 report given to us by our Myanmar country office, explaining the work accomplished by our five provincial justice centers. Will this shortened report, we are hoping to create a country page for Myanmar that will serve as a model for our other country programs. Outside of work, I enjoy a week's worth of activities with IBJ interns. As a few people are leaving the following week, we are finishing off our summer bucket lists, and spending as much time together as possible.

Ch. 5 - A week in the life

This week was more mundane than usual, if you can even say that about a week in Geneva. I continue working on the India Defender's Manual, grab dinner with myself on some nights and with friends on others, and spend my Sunday strolling along Lake Geneva.

Ch. 4 - Not My Best Week

I did absolutely nothing this week, as I was bedridden with COVID-19 for about 5 days. Things turn around for me on Thursday when I FINALLY get a negative self-test. I am able to attend a work party on Friday and join other IBJ interns at a chalet in the mountains.

Ch. 3 - La Vie en Rose

Preparations for an important upcoming donor visit at work, welcoming my boyfriend to Geneva, and a weekend trip to the Canton of Bern. Switzerland continues to captivate me with its beauty and diversity. This week was my favorite yet.

Ch. 2: A Visit From an Old Friend

A reunion with an old friend, a sunburn, and a movie-going experience I will never forget. My second week at IBJ is just as busy and fulfilling as the first, and I am beginning to settle into my routine and life in Geneva.

Ch. 1 - Arriving to the Cité

Travel plans gone awry, because why disrupt my status quo? I arrive at Cité Universitaire de Gèneve, where I will be living in the student dorms that have been largely abandoned for the summer, and begin to situate myself in my new city for the first couple of days. My first week of work at the International Bridges to Justice office in Geneva starts with a well-deserved day off, thanks to a national holiday. Thus, I have an extra day of leisure before I dive into my work at this international NGO. Once I start work, I am immediately given tasks that could lead to real substantive change in the project's setting, this week–Afghanistan. I am in awe of the human rights superstars that I am surrounded by. If this is a dream, don't wake me up.