Week IV: 06/20/2022 - 06/24/2022

In my fourth week at IFES, I worked from IFES Global Headquarters in Crystal City (Arlington) for the first time. After working virtually for three and a half weeks, it was strange to wake up earlier than usual. Of course, the train had a mechanical malfunction on the way to the office, but it was not too long before I caught another train to the office. Once I left the station, I could not help but notice the flurry of construction progressing along Crystal Drive. This was likely the construction for the much-hyped HQ2 being built by Amazon. Crystal City will definitely become a busier place once the new headquarters is constructed.

Regarding case summaries, I have been editing some of the case summaries for jurisprudence in the Americas and Africa. I look forward to uploading those summaries. In the meanwhile, I began to draft more case summaries revolving around the recent elections in Serbia. It appears that a constitutional referendum and some municipal elections were held that required rulings from the Courts. I also look forward to finishing and uploading those summaries.

On the research end, I continued to perform comparative research on attorney regulations, but I also began to glance at research related to election-related issues in the Middle-East and North Africa (MENA) region. Finally, I have been editing and captioning videos related to election procedure in the United States and Indonesia.

I look forward to providing more updates next Friday.