Week VI: 07/04/2022 - 07/08/2022

This sixth week of the IFES internship was a short one due to the holiday break on Monday. Nonetheless, this week offered a change of pace with technological frustrations.

I continued to draft and edit case summaries for their future upload to the "ElectionJudgments" database. In particular, I began to work on some recent cases from federal and provincial courts in Canada. In two of three cases, an organization known as "Democracy Watch" brought forward suits in an attempt to hold the Prime Minister or a provincial premier to enforcing fixed term limit statutes. In the third suit, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) clashed with the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) over copyright-related takings. I look forward to providing more updates for my project with the database.

For the remainder of the week, I have been working formatting reports. Formatting involved editing the cover and back pages, the text font, and endnotes. I found the formatting assignments to be relatively straightforward.

On the other hand, I ran into some technical issues with Adobe Rush while editing more videos. For some reason, Adobe Rush would not work with certain video formats such as the "MOV" format. Even when I converted those videos to the "MP4" format with Adobe's free website, I was unable to render the videos within the Adobe Rush program. Considering that the basic version of Adobe Rush is free, I cannot be shocked that some features did not work properly. Hopefully, I will be able to resolve these video editing issues next week.