Week VII: 07/11/2022 - 07/15/2022

During my seventh week at IFES, I continued to draft and edit case summaries while helping the team complete a major formatting assignment. On the case-summary end, I drafted a case summary about the standard of evidence required to submit electronic evidence in Kenyan elections. I also began to draft a case summary about a suit in the United Kingdom over then-Prime-Minister Boris Johnson's advice to the Queen of England regarding prorogation of Parliament during the height of parliamentary infighting over the terms of the British departure from the European Union. Hopefully, I will complete a draft by the end of next week. On the other hand, I went back to edit my case summaries on cases in Canada and South Korea. I look forward to uploading these summaries onto the database.

The primary project for this week was my second formatting assignment which featured font revisions, style changes, and endless endnotes. After completing my first formatting assignment, the font and style portions of the assignment seemed very straightforward. However, editing endnotes became time-consuming, but ultimately rewarding. After becoming accustomed to the ways of the Bluebook for an entire year, I had keep reminding myself that many of the sources would be formatted according to the APA Style Guide rather than Bluebook. Even when the citations required the Bluebook, many of the countries in the endnotes did not have their own pages in Table 2 of the Whitepages. For common law countries, the IFES Style Guide provided enough of an answer, but for non-common-law countries, the answer was somewhat murkier. Consequently, I had to make some guesses as to the proper endnote citations for those countries. Despite some of these hiccups, I finished editing the footnotes by the end of the week.  I cannot wait to provide more updates next week.