Kyle Hyde - International Bridges to Justice


This blog will be used to document my internship in Geneva, Switzerland working for IBJ, both to reference professionally and to memorialize a once in a lifetime experience. The blog mostly focuses on providing substantive perspective surrounding the projects that I work on during my internship, however, I was able to experience some worthwhile memories that are worth sharing. It would be impossible to reflect on the culture of IBJ without mentioning the experiences the interns had together.

V. Week 4 and Samöens

This week, I began collaborating with other legal interns on the creation of an updated India Criminal Defense Manual for criminal defense lawyers in India to reference for substantive legal information and case law pertaining to constitutionally protected rights. During the weekend, the IBJ interns traveled to a chalet in the Alps.

IV. Week 3 and La Fête de la Musique

This week, I spent most of the week preparing for a visit from the US State Department. In my spare time, I experienced a Genevois tradition called La Fête de la Musique.

III. Week 2 and a Manifestation Politique Genevoise

In this post, I discuss my second week in Geneva, which included further work on the proposal for the project in Afghanistan, participating in a feminist demonstration, and the highlight of the week – attending a private screening of a movie with the real life personas portrayed in the movie present.

II. La Première Semaine

In this post, I reflect on my first week working at IBJ which included a very interesting funding proposal and a full board meeting.

I. Des États-Unis à la Suisse

In this post, I reflect on my journey to Geneva. Part of this discussion requires some analysis of why I decided on working for an international NGO and what I hope to gain from this experience.