On the Mend

I suppose maybe the lower temperatures and rainy winter weather caught up to me in Cape Town, because I found myself spending quite some time in the pharmacy early this week trying to find medicines that I recognized. I ended up having to ask a really kind pharmacist for the equivalent of what I was familiar with, as every brand was different and I did not immediately recognize any of the active ingredients. I have been feeling quite ill for most of this week, but I am hoping I am on the mend as the weekend approaches. There is so much work left to be done and so many other places I want to explore before my internship ends. I am keenly aware that every day I spend sick inside is a day I did not get to go experience something new.

I keep getting notifications that others (who I did not have any contact with) in Cape Town are also dealing with fairly troublesome illnesses. I cannot help but wonder if the recent lifting of the mask mandate here has facilitated another wave of Covid or if other germs are just spreading more easily now. I tested negative for Covid using an at home test toward the beginning of my symptoms, but I have been isolating and plan to re-test soon just to be safe.

With that said, I have been working entirely from home here in my studio apartment this week. Most of my job here in Cape Town has been virtual the entire time, so the adjustment of moving my work day from my favorite local café to my apartment has luckily not been difficult. Hopefully I bounce back quickly, and next week’s blog will be back to being filled with weekend adventures around Cape Town!