Picture This (Part I)

Mirëdita! Si po ia çon?

I cannot believe I am already more than halfway through my internship! My last post was packed with history and politics, so to take a little break and celebrate the midway point, I thought you might like to see some pictures. I am breaking this post into two parts for ease of viewing, and I hope you enjoy this snapshot of Kosovo!

A colorful sunrise over a city skyline.One of my first mornings here in Pristina, I was greeted by this beautiful sunrise from the balcony of my seventh-floor apartment.

Four colleagues pose in front of a large banner at an informational campaign in the town square.This is the outstanding CLARD team that has taken me under its wing this summer! From left to right, meet Anton (Program Director / Senior Legal Adviser), Nedzad (Executive Director), Edona (Program Manager), and me (grateful intern).

An antique wooden desk with a laptop and bookshelves filled with law books and binders.

Here is my corner of the office, a cozy little table surrounded by CLARD history.

A sunny cafe patio with a table and chairs.This is the famed café where my colleagues and I get our espresso just downstairs from the office.

People stroll through the city square lined with shops, cafes, and murals.

As my colleagues call it, this is the center of the center in Pristina. There are two main squares linked by a walking district lined with shops and cafés. The large picture on the right is a mural of Ibrahim Rugova, the much-loved first president of Kosovo. His dream of independence for Kosovo was not achieved until after his death, but his legacy certainly lives on.

A monument that spells "Newborn" in celebration of Kosovo's independence.Just off of the city center you will find the NEWBORN monument, a celebration of Kosovo’s declaration of independence and inception as Europe’s newest country. Each year, it is repainted with a new design.

A spiced grilled meat patty served with fresh vegetables and warm bread.If you are going downtown, you simply must stop for pljeskavica like this from a mom-and-pop qebatore. Pljeskavica is a spiced grilled meat patty, and it may not look like much, but it has quickly become one of my favorite meals here!

Espresso served in a small white mug and matching saucer.And whether it is to start the day, take a break, or round out a meal, have some espresso!

To be continued…