Week 10: Finishing Up My 1L Summer Internship

This week was the last week of my 1L internship at DT Global. I finalized the work I was doing on each of my projects and drafted a blog post summarizing my research on increasing access to justice systems in Africa. DT Global will publish the blog post on its website once it’s finalized. Other than finishing my work, I said goodbye to the DT Global D.C. office. On my last day, I rang the bell the firm rings when it wins a contract and to celebrate the successes of its employees. The bell reads “Acknowledge all of your small victories, they will eventually add up to something great.” I hope the work I did this summer, no matter how small, will add up to something great.

Working at DT Global was an amazing experience in which I gained invaluable knowledge and relationships. Thankfully, I don’t have to say goodbye quite yet, as I will continue working for DT Global as a consultant. I look forward to continuing my work with DT Global and to creating impact, transforming lives, and partnering for a better world.

Ringing the bell to celebrate my last day.