Week 8: DT Global Day

This week marked the anniversary of DT Global’s existence. Each year, the firm puts on “DT Global Day” to celebrate its anniversary, its successes, and what’s to come. The celebration includes looking back at the international development projects the firm has implemented throughout the year and an award ceremony for employees. This year, the celebration focused on DT Global’s role in evacuating individuals from Afghanistan when its government collapsed after the United States’ withdrawal of military forces. Additionally, DT Global Day was used to welcome new employees joining the firm through its acquisition of IMC Worldwide and Cardno International and discuss the greater impact DT Global can have as a result.

Attending DT Global Day gave me more insight into the work environment at DT Global and the passion its employees have for making the world a better place. I look forward to continuing my work for such a supportive and impact-driven firm.

DT Global Day. The D.C. office celebrating the firm's anniversary.