Week One: An Introduction to DT Global and an Evolving Vision of International Development

This week, I moved to Washington, D.C. and began my 1L summer internship at DT Global. DT Global is an international development firm that uses data-driven analysis and partnerships around the world to pursue its vision of creating impact, transforming lives, and partnering for a better world. With projects in 90 countries, DT Global assists in economic growth, environment and infrastructure, governance, human development, and stabilization and transition. My work will be focused on governance, democracy, and business development through comparative research and analysis of previous development contracts and various countries’ rule of law systems. Throughout the week, I had the opportunity to meet with teams from each practice area and gained a better understanding of the intersectionality of each in the pursuit of successful international development. Additionally, I learned the technical aspects of creating international development programs and contracting with U.S. and local partners to affect DT Global’s vision.

Not only did I learn about the inner-workings of international development, I saw an evolved vision of international development as a preventative and sustainable practice, rather than a subsequent system only utilized to counteract conflict and strife that has already occurred. To achieve this, DT Global and other international development actors are focusing on localization and inclusivity to ensure successful and sustainable solutions. This means involving local actors, including government officials and civil society to determine which issues need to be addressed and how to do so most effectively. Furthermore, it means involving women, youth, and marginalized groups when developing and implementing projects to ensure programs consider all members of the population and their equitable access to the solutions and systems created.

I look forward to continuing my work with DT Global this summer, to working towards a preventative, sustainable, and inclusive system of international development, and to partnering for a better world.