Making Connections

For the decisions I have been writing, I have had the opportunity to speak to judges about the cases and their thought processes for why they decided to grant or deny a case. These opportunities have allowed me to work directly with the judges, instead of through my supervisor, thus allowing me to make connections and network during my internship. I have enjoyed understanding how different judges decide cases, seeing what they weigh more heavily – the DHS counsel’s opinion or the length of time in the US, for instance – and seeing if they are more likely to grant or deny based on certain minor criminal offences. I look forward to speaking to more judges, hopefully interacting with most of the fourteen judges at the Immigration Adjudication Center in some form or another – even if it is not related to a decision, I am writing for them.

Aside from interacting and making connections with the judges, I believe I have established a wonderful working relationship with my supervisor. She has been very helpful with sending my example cases for each question I have when drafting decisions and thoroughly going through my drafts, giving me constructive feedback that I have applied eagerly. She has been working remotely most of the time I have been doing my summer internship; however, I look forward to when I can meet her in person again and go out for lunch to talk more in-depth about the decisions we are writing and pick her brain about job opportunities after I graduate law school.

Kayaking at Waller Mill ParkI took a break from the decision writing and the constant interaction with individuals to go kayaking at a lake in Williamsburg – Waller Mill Reservoir. I usually go to my family cottage in Ontario, Canada over the summer. This is the first year I will not be going up. I enjoy the peace and tranquillity it brings to my mind before beginning a new school year. I was very excited when I found a place to rent kayaks in Williamsburg to recreate at least part of why I enjoy the summer and my cottage. The water was so calm, and the sky was almost clear. There were only a few other people on the lake. It rejuvenated my mind. I am ready for the next weeks of my internship and for MPRE studying.