Willow Hasson

Intern at International IDEA in The Hague, Netherlands

Hi! Welcome to my blog page about my summer working at International IDEA with their Constitution Building Program in The Hague.

Final Week

My last week in the Netherlands is more restful as I finished my work on transitional provisions and fit in a trip to Leiden and Clingendael park.

Castle Tour, Amsterdam, and Utrecht

This week at work I studied constitutional commissions and then constitutionalized environmental provisions. My friend from college also visited and together we toured the Westduinpark beach, Haarlem, Amsterdam, the Castle de Haar, and Utrecht.

Windmills, Dune Cows, and City Tours

My friend from law school came to visit so we fit in trips around Den Haag, the dune beaches, a village of windmills, and the cities of Leiden, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam.

Rotterdam & Leiden

After continuing my research for work, I take a trip to the modern city of Rotterdam and the picturesque city of Leiden.

Weekend Trip to Germany

After finishing my research on climate assemblies, Anna and I take a weekend trip to the nearest German city: Cologne. We get to see the famous cathedral and all the other tourist highlights.

Climate Assembly Research & Delft Trip

For work, I join a conference and start a new research project related to climate change policy. For the end of my parents' visit, we go to the university town, Delft, and then I end the week with a trip to the beach and then to Amsterdam.

Trip to France

After a great week of work, my parents came to visit me and we went to France together to see my friend whose family has a house near Versailles.

Working in The Hague

My first full week working in The Hague: I get to enjoy the local parts of the city, my new neighborhood in Voorburg, and the beach.

Washington: the Conference Beginning

In my first week of interning for International IDEA, I started some remote work on the change from a presidential system to a parliamentary system. I stayed in Washington, D.C., and had a great intro to the "Democratic Backsliding" conference for IDEA.