Savannah Kingery

National Center for State Courts, International Programs Division

This blog will document my summer internship at the International Programs Division of the National Center for State Courts in Arlington, Virginia. The NCSC implements projects across the globe to strengthen the rule of law. Projects range from legal education initiatives, to anti-corruption training, and more. Throughout my ten week internship program, I'll complete learning sessions led by my internship supervisor to get a better idea of what the "rule of law" really is, and what we can do to enhance the rule of law abroad. I will also receive a variety of assignments, ranging in geographic focus and in content. I look forward to taking you all along with me on this journey!

Goodbye NCSC!

Wrapping up my internship at NCSC

Civil vs. Common Law

Breaking down some of the key differences between civil law and common law traditions I’ve observed while working on the BiH and Moldova projects.

Summer in DC

An overview of my life outside of work!

Drafting a Lease Template

An explanation of my attempts to formulate a pro-forma lease template for NCSC field offices

Taking on More Responsibility

An account of my experience with the International Visitor’s Education Program, and my contributions to a criminal justice project proposal in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Defining The Rule of Law

Breaking down the "rule of law" and NCSC's role in advancing the rule of law.