Michaela Mazzeo

United States Institute of Peace | Washington DC

Week 8: To Document Human Rights Violations

This week, I focused more on USIP’s atrocity prevention and human rights documentation work in Afghanistan and attended a public event on atrocity prevention in Sudan.

Week 7: To Combat Corruption

This week, I gained an understanding of the challenges Ukraine faces in its fight against entrenched judicial corruption, the reintegration of de-occupied territories, and ensuring fair trials to alleged war criminals and collaborators.

Week 6: To Rebuild a Judiciary (Part 2)

I got to writing my research memo on judicial reconstruction in conflict/post-conflict settings, with an eye towards challenges and needs specific to the Ukraine-context.

Week 5: To Build Social Cohesion

Social cohesion in Ukraine will be necessary to secure internal peace. This week, I got a look into Ukraine's ongoing efforts to build it now and the challenges it will face in the future.

Week 4: (How) To Secure Peace?

This week, I learned about ongoing initiatives and ideas for how best to secure peace in Ukraine once the war comes to an end, and just how Ukraine's vision for peace will include Russian accountability for its crimes.

Week 3: To Rebuild a Judiciary & To Ensure Accountability

My research on post-conflict judicial reconstruction is coming together and I learn more about the international scope of efforts to hold Russia accountable for its atrocity crimes in Ukraine, no matter the final outcome of the conflict.

Week 2: To Process 80,000 War Crime Cases

I learn that to create a justice sector capable of providing accountability for mass atrocity crimes is a decades-long, multinational initiative. But it's one Ukraine and the dozens of countries that support it are resolved to achieve for Ukraine.