My last week! This was such an amazing experience I honestly do not want to leave.  I ended up finishing my research project on school uniforms. I went through the policies of other countries around the world and complied their legislation on gender neutral uniforms.  While there is not really any proper legislation for gender-neutral uniforms there are a lot of schools and states that are including them in their new uniforms.  That is a great shift and I hope South Africa follows suit! 


My time at the LRC has come to an end.  My internship end date has come at the same time as two other interns so we had a celebration.  It was moving and special to hear what my fellow interns and the attorneys had to say about me.  I am very moved and appreciative.  We had a lovely assortment of desserts which included a milk tart which caused a debate on whether it should be eaten warmed or cooled.  The majority consensus was that it should be eaten cold with only two passionately arguing for the latter.  I will forever miss my experience here in Cape Town and am so grateful to have met interns from all over Southern Africa and the United States.  I would never imagine I could be able to grasp another country's legal system in such a small amount of time while there is still so much to learn I am nevertheless proud of myself! 


I am forever grateful to the people I have met here and to Professor Warren for being such a support and allowing me to embark on this fulfilling summer. I am heading back to the US soon and I will see you at school!