JD Class Ranks

How we calculate your law gpa
    • Statistically, there is little significant difference in a cumulative grade point average that extends beyond one decimal point.  Therefore, the Law School uses only a rounded gpa as the law cumulative grade point average.  The cumulative GPA reported to a third party by either the Law School or you is that which is rounded from the hundredths place to the tenths place.
Examples of rounding: 
3.05 rounds to 3.1
3.04 rounds to 3.0
2.99 rounds to 3.0
  • It is this rounded GPA that is used for rank purposes.
How you are ranked
  • Class ranks are based on the rounded GPA defined above.
  • Because it is difficult to obtain meaningful percentage ranks above 3.6, students holding a GPA of 3.6 or higher will be given a numerical rank. All ranks of 3.5 and lower will be a percentage.  The majority of the class will receive a percentage rather than individual class rank.   In either case, it is conceivable that multiple students will share the same rank.
  • For students in the J.D. program, your first class rank is at the conclusion of one full year of legal study at William & Mary.  Thereafter, you are ranked only at the conclusion of the fall and spring terms (i.e., no re-ranking will occur following a summer term). Transfer students (to include LL.B. to J.D. students) are not ranked until the end of their first full-year of law school with us. Students in the LL.M. program are not ranked. 
  • Your class rank is emailed to your William & Mary email address.  We do not print class ranks on either the unofficial or official transcript.
  • Graduates and, in rare cases, current students may require a statement of class rank.  This is obtained through the [[lawreg,Law Registrar Office]].