Classroom Participation

Classroom participation may be defined solely as class attendance; solely as your interaction during class periods; or both interactions during class and attendance. 

The professor must include in the course syllabus how participation will be graded and what effect it will have on the final grade. Notification of the grading procedure must also be announced in writing (preferrably) or verbally during the class(es) of the add/drop period. 

Including participation in the final grade will not affect your anonymity in the course grading period if the exam or paper is graded anonymously.  School policy requires faculty using participation and grading exams or papers anonymously to submit to the Law School Registrar the list of student names with their participation grade.  The Registrar will match the student name to the anonymous student exam code number and return to the professor a list of participation grades by exam code rather than student name.  The faculty member can then combine the participation grade to the exam or paper grade and calculate the final grade for the course.  The final grade is input by the faculty member to Banner using only the anonymous exam code number.