Transferring Grades

We will accept as transfer credits no more than one-third of the credits required for the William & Mary law degree and then only those credits where the grade earned is a "C" or better.  The grade of "P" will be applied to the W&M transcript for all accepted credits earned. Credits will not be accepted for courses that are determined to be substantially equivalent to a William & Mary Law School course that the student has also taken.

Students who choose to visit away during their third year must request permission to do so by following specific instructions.  Students who choose to study abroad have several methods of doing so.  In both cases, course selection must be approved through the Vice Dean prior to the conclusion of the host school's add/drop period and an official transcript showing courses taken and grades and credits earned must be sent to the Vice Dean before the approved credits can be applied to the W&M law degree.  Please contact the Vice Dean for more information.