We look forward to meeting you!

We'll be publishing our fall 2023 - spring 2024 schedule soon.

Below is the fall 2022- spring 2023 itinerary of fairs and forums where you could meet W&M Law admissions staff.

Boston Law Fair Saturday, 9/10
HBCU PreLaw Fair Saturday, 9/16
Villanova Digital Fair Wednesday, 9/21
Chicago LSAC Forum Saturday, 9/24
University of  Michigan Fair Thursday, 9/29
Miami LSAC Forum Saturday, 10/1
University of Georgia Fair Monday, 10/3
University of Pittsburgh Fair Tuesday, 10/4
Atlanta LSAC Fair Friday, 10/7
Cornell Fair Tuesday, 10/11
University of Maryland Fair Wednesday,10/12
D.C. Fair Wednesday, 10/12

Michigan State Fair

Thursday, 10/13
Syracuse University Friday, 10/14
NY LSAC Forum Friday & Saturday, 10/14 - 10/15
LSAC Virtual Forum Friday, 10/16
Philadelphia Fair Wednesday, 10/19
Florida State University Fair Wednesday, 10/19
University of Florida Fair Thursday, 10/20
University of Texas at Austin Fair Thursday, 10/20
LSAC Digital Forum Saturday, 10/22
Brigham Young University Fair Wednesday, 10/26
Davidson Coffee Conversations Thursday, 10/27
Los Angeles LSAC Forum Saturday, 10/29
North Carolina Fair Wednesday, 10/2
Houston LSAC Forum Saturday, 11/5
Boston Forum Friday, 11/11
LSAC Digital Forum Saturday, 11/19
LSAC Digital Forum Thursday, 2/3