On the Waitlist?

It should be noted that those placed on our waitlist have presented many positives in their applications and are those we are hopeful of being able to ultimately admit in some number. 

We appreciate your continued interest in William & Mary Law School and encourage you to stay in touch with us.  Offers of admission may be made as early as April until as late as when classes begin in August.

Though we understand that the waitlist process can be stressful, we hope that waitlisted applicants will be able to keep their options open as long as possible. We understand, of course, that you may decide to pursue other alternatives rather than remain on the waitlist. While we hope we will be able to accommodate additional candidates, we cannot make any guarantees of being able to do so. Thus, we urge those on our waitlist not to forego desirable alternatives while awaiting a final decision from our office.

Waitlist FAQs

What is the waitlist and how is it used?
W&M Law School receives a significant number of applications for admission each year, far more than we can accommodate in our first-year class. As has been the case in prior years, many strong candidates are not selected for immediate admission due to the relatively small size of our student body. We assume that a limited number of those initially admitted will decline our offer and will elect to attend another school or choose another career opportunity. With that in mind, we plan accordingly, expecting to turn to the waitlist to fill those seats. Thus, the waitlist is established to provide a means through which other well-qualified applicants may be selected for admission should openings in the class occur.

When are offers of admission from the waitlist made?
Offers of admission to those on the waitlist may be made as early as April and as late as the first week of fall classes in August. Changes in decisions made by admitted or deposited students are beyond the control of the Law School and often cannot be anticipated.

What steps do I need to take now?
Candidates who received a waitlist decision must return the Waitlist Response form and officially accept their position on the Waitlist. Candidates will have two weeks from receiving their waitlist offer to decide and return the form. Because waitlist decisions may be made as early as April, we encourage those on the waitlist who are truly interested in attending W&M to respond as quickly as possible, letting us know that you’d like to remain on the waitlist. Those who wish to change their initial decision should contact the Admissions Office.

How am I kept informed about my status on the waitlist?
Unless you are notified of your acceptance from the waitlist, you can assume that you remain active on the waitlist and are in consideration for admission until classes begin. 

Is the waitlist ranked?
The waitlist is not ranked, and all candidates are considered for admission if/when the opportunity for additional offers occurs.

How does the waitlist process work?
The waitlist will remain active until the start of classes. We will continually monitor, as much as possible, the status of those who have made seat deposits to keep abreast of their continued intent to enroll. If an admitted student withdraws from the class, or decides to decline their admission offer, we will decide whether to offer that vacancy to someone on the waitlist.

How long do you keep the waitlist viable?
In a typical admission cycle we will close the waitlist just prior to the start of fall classes. We will keep those on our waitlist informed as to the likelihood of seats becoming available (as best we can assess) as we move through the cycle, so that, if necessary, they make take advantage of other opportunities to start law school in the fall.

Can I submit additional information to supplement my application?
We are happy to review the following additional materials as part of your waitlist candidacy:

  1. Letters of continued interest (LOCI);
  2. Updated/final transcripts (send to LSAC for updated CAS reports which, in turn will be sent to us);
  3. A new LSAT score (an updated CAS report will automatically be sent to us should you retake the LSAT).

How will you notify me if I am accepted from the waitlist?
You will receive an email notification and/or a phone call if it appears that a vacancy may be forthcoming. You will be asked about the level of your interest in being offered the vacant seat if/when it becomes available. This will give you some time to consider your options. If you advise us that you would accept the seat if offered, upon our receiving official notice that the seat has been relinquished, you will receive a second call to offer you that seat. If you accept, an email letter of admission will be sent to you, and you will be expected to make an immediate online deposit ($750) to hold the seat, or we will move to the next candidate. 

What about financial assistance (scholarships) for candidates selected from the waitlist?
Candidates admitted from the waitlist will be considered for any available financial assistance (scholarships) awarded by the Law School if there are any available at the time of the offer.  It is important that you file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), listing all schools to which you have applied, to facilitate the timely disbursement of your funds should you be admitted. Do not wait to be admitted to file your FAFSA! Students applying for need-based funds and/or educational loans are required to file the FAFSA; W&M’s Title IV code is 003705. 

May I defer an offer of admission from the waitlist?
Unfortunately, no. When we are admitting students from the waitlist, it is because we have a seat available in this year’s class.

I didn't make it off the waitlist.  Can I earn a William & Mary JD as a transfer student?
If you attend another ABA-accredited law school and remain interested in earning your Juris Doctor (JD) at William & Mary Law School, you may apply as a transfer student.  Applications may be submitted in the spring of your 1L year and will not be considered complete until we receive your 1L grades as well as a letter from your current law school attesting to your standing in that law school.  Transfer students must complete their first year of law study and subsequently must be enrolled at W&M for their second and third years to qualify for the JD degree from William & Mary Law. Additional information regarding requirements for transfer may be found on our website.