Career Services

When you've been around for over two centuries, you make a couple of contacts.

The Office of Career Services partners with students and alumni to help them pursue careers that are both professionally and personally satisfying.

It all starts with you. We believe in individual advising. Our professionals help you define and refine your career goals and job search strategies. To assist you in understanding the world of options, we offer a full range of programs and workshops where attorneys from law firms, businesses, government agencies, courts, and non-profit organizations share their experiences and answer your questions. 

The Law School is strongly committed to producing citizen lawyers dedicated to public service. The Law School’s summer public service fellowship programs offer financial support to students assisting non-profit organizations and government agencies. Our post-graduate public service fellowships and loan repayment assistance program help graduates who choose careers in public service.

Our faculty and alumni are excellent resources for learning about employment options. These accessible, accomplished individuals are eager to help you.

A great way to connect with our massive network of alumni campuswide is through the newly developed One Network

The W&M One Network platform brings together the William & Mary community for professional networking on a global scale, empowering career and industry connections needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

Community members have exclusive access to networking, mentorship opportunities and career resources, all while giving back and making a positive impact on the professional lives of others in the W&M community.

We have longstanding relationships with many employers across the country and around the world. Among judges, practicing attorneys, and recruiting professionals, our office enjoys a reputation for efficiency and integrity.

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