William & Mary Reciprocity Policy

William & Mary Law School’s Office of Career Services (OCS) makes available reciprocal services to students and graduates of other ABA-accredited law schools outside the Commonwealth of Virginia on the following basis:

  1. Services are available only to individuals whose schools permit William & Mary Law students and graduates to use their services and facilities in a substantially similar manner.
  2. If any individual’s law school imposes “blackout periods” during which it will not grant reciprocity and/or restricts the type of services available, we will impose a comparable blackout period and/or restriction on the individual’s use of our services. Our office will observe a black out period annually between July 15th and October 31st.
  3. Reciprocity requests must be submitted to OCS in writing (lawocs@wm.edu) at least two weeks in advance by a career services official of the individual’s law school. Telephone requests are not accepted. The request must include the individual’s mailing and email addresses. Reciprocity will be granted for a 3-month period, subject to the blackout period referenced above.
  4. William & Mary does not permit simultaneous reciprocity with Virginia’s other ABA-accredited law schools. Reciprocity requests must be limited to only one of the Virginia-based accredited law schools for the length of the relevant reciprocity period.
  5. Individuals granted reciprocity who wish to visit OCS must call OCS to schedule their visit with at least 48 hours prior notice, check in with the Career Services Coordinator at the time of their visit, and bring with them a copy of our letter granting reciprocity. Individuals granted reciprocity can visit OCS between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please contact the office regarding holiday hours and closures.
  6. Individuals granted reciprocity will receive online access to Job Postings on the OCS Symplicity website. Individuals granted reciprocity may be allowed to review print information in OCS pertaining to on-campus employers, non-visiting employers, and other print resource materials maintained by OCS.
  7. When responding to any job posting accessed from William & Mary Law School – whether online or in print -- individuals must state in a cover letter to the employer that the job listing was obtained through a reciprocal agreement between the individual’s law school and William & Mary Law School.
  8. We also share our graduate job listings via the Intercollegiate Law Alumni Job Bank coordinated by Brigham Young University School of Law. Graduates of other law schools can access William & Mary Law’s graduate job listings free of charge on that site by obtaining an ID and password from their law school.
  9. OCS career advisors may provide limited individual career advising time to individuals who are granted reciprocity. Individuals granted reciprocity may participate in no more than one 45-minute advising session with OCS. Requests for such a meeting must be submitted by the individual to OCS in writing via email to the attention of the Associate Dean for Career Services at lawocs@wm.edu at least 10 calendar days in advance. These requests must then be approved by the Associate Dean, who will assign an OCS career advisor to meet with the individual. Individual career advising appointments will not be available annually from August 1st through August 31st, October 15th through November 15th, and from February 15th through March 31st.
  10. Decisions about reciprocity are made on a case-by-case basis and lie within the sole discretion of the OCS staff. OCS reserves the right to deny privileges to any individual who misuses its facilities or services, or to students and graduates of any law school that surpasses a reasonable number of reciprocity requests within an academic year.