Faculty Activities


December 14 - Professor Laura Heymann presented a talk titled "On Developments in Intellectual Property and Internet Law" to the Tidewater Chapter of the Federal Bar Association in Norfolk, Virginia.

December 7-8 - Professor Christopher L. Griffin, Jr., was selected to attend the American Bar Foundation (ABF) workshop in Chicago on "Access to Civil Justice: Re-envisioning and Reinvigorating Research." The workshop was designed to "bring together researchers and people from the field to develop and begin work on a new research agenda for access to civil justice." More information on the workshop can be found on the ABF's website.

November 21-23 - Professor Christe S. Warren participated in a workshop in Berlin to assist the Iraqi Parliament as it addresses the constitutional and legislative aspects of creating its Upper House.  The workshop is sponsored by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty, and the German Federal Foreign Office.

November 10 - Professor Christopher L. Griffin, Jr., presented "Corrections for Racial Disparities in Law Enforcement" at the Seventh Annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, hosted by Stanford Law School.

November 1 - Professor Timothy Zick was among the invited speakers at the Ninth Annual Wiley A. Branton Symposium titled "Protest and Polarization: Law and Debate in America 2012" at Howard University School of Law.

October 26 - Professor Alan Meese presented a paper at a conference on "The Goals of Antitrust," hosted by The George Washington University Law School. His paper, and those of the other presenters, will appear in Fordham Law Review.  It is titled "Reframing the (False?) Choice Between Purchaser and Total Welfare: Removing the Blinders Imposed By The Partial Equilibrium Tradeoff Model."

October 24 - Professor Laura A. Heymann presented "Dialogues of Authenticity" as part of the Intellectual Property Workshop at the University of Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

October 24 - Professor Susan Grover served as moderator for a public forum hosted by the League of Women Voters for candidates for the Jamestown District Board of Supervisors.

October 11 - Professor Nathan B. Oman appears in a video on the topic of the historical criminalization of polygamy, produced by the Berkley Center f0r Religion, Peace & World Affairs at Georgetown University. Watch the video.

October 2 -Professor Laura A. Heymann presented "Dialogues of Authenticity" at the Law & Humanities Workshop at the University of Virginia School of Law.

September 10-11 - Professor Christie Warren participated in a regional consultation on Civilian Capacity in the Aftermath of Conflict in Rabat, Morocco. The workshop was sponsored by the governments of Morocco, Qatar and Norway in conjunction with the League of Arab States and the United Nations.

August 9 -Professor Laura A. Heymann presented "Dialogues of Authenticity" at the Twelfth Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, held at Stanford Law School.

July 3 - Northwestern University Law Review posted a transcript of the Feb. 28 discussion titled "Free Speech and Public Space After Occupy Wall Street" featuring Professor Tim Zick and Professor Michael Dorf. Colloquy Editor Michael Downey served as moderator.

July 2-6 - Professor Christie Warren led a workshop in Indonesia on Constitution-Building for Democracy. The workshop was co-sponsored by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (Stockholm) and the Non-Aligned Movement/Centre for South-South Technical Cooperation, an Indonesian NGO. Participants were senior-level officials from ASEAN countries, including Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Timor Leste, South Africa and Chile.

June 9 - Professor Jason M. Solomon gave a talk entitled "Does Ken Feinberg Do Tort Law?" as part of a panel on the use of tort principles in the context of disasters. The panel was part of the AALS Mid-Year Meeting Workshop on Torts, Environment, and Disaster in Berkeley, CA.

June - Professor Ronald Rosenberg's textbook Environmental Policy Law:  Problems, Cases and Readings is now in its 6th edition. 

May 22 - Professor Laura A. Heymann's article, The Law of Reputation and the Interest of the Audience, 52 B.C. L. Rev. 1341 (2011), was selected for inclusion in the 2012 edition of the Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook, which recognizes the best law review articles published within the last year in the fields of entertainment, publishing, and the arts.  Her articles The Grammar of Trademarks, 14 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 1313 (2010), and The Trademark/Copyright Divide, 60 SMU L. Rev. 55 (2007), were selected for inclusion in the 2011 edition and 2008 edition, respectively, of the Intellectual Property Law Review, which recognizes the best law review articles related to intellectual property law published within the last year, and her article How to Write a Life: Some Thoughts on Fixation and the Copyright/Privacy Divide, 51 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 825 (2009), was selected for inclusion in the 2010 edition of Copyright Annual Anthology as a notable scholarly work on copyright published in 2009.

May 4 - Professor Laura A. Heymann  presented "Dialogues of Authenticity" as part of The New England Intellectual Property Colloquium at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts.

April 26 - Professor Christie S. Warren was appointed by the Chief Justice of the United States to serve a three year term on the Supreme Court Fellows Commission.

April 20 - Professor James Heller will participate in the second discussion of a two-part series "Conversations about Copyright" in the Earl Gregg Swem Library on the William & Mary campus.

April 9 - Professor Christie S. Warren gave a presentation at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy of Tufts University on Islamic Legal Issues in the Contemporary Era.

April 7 - Professor Christie S. Warren gave a presentation titled "Constitutional Conversations in light of the Arab Spring" at a symposium sponsored by the W&M Graduate Student Association for Arts and Sciences in the Commonwealth Auditorium. 

April 6 - Professor James Heller participated in the first discussion of a two-part series “Conversations about Copyright” in the Earl Gregg Swem Library on the William & Mary campus.

March 27 - Professor Laura A. Heymann presented "Dialogues of Authenticity" at a faculty colloquium at Notre Dame Law School in South Bend, Indiana.

March 20 - Professor Timothy Zick participated in an Institute of Bill of Rights Law discussion with Occupy Wall Street organizer Amin Husain in William & Mary Law School.

March 14 - Professor Jason Solomon presented "The Supreme Court's Theory of Private Law" (co-authored with Professor Nathan B. Oman) at Brooklyn Law School's Legal Theory Colloquium.

March 13 - Professor Alan Meese presented the 2012 St. George Tucker Lecture titled “Competition Policy and the New Deal: Lessons Learned and a Way Forward.”

March 5-10 - Professor Christie S. Warren taught a course on Post-Conflict Justice and the Rule of Law at the Center for Political and Constitutional Studies in the Office of the Presidency of Spain in Madrid, Spain.

March 2 - Professor Lynda Butler was presented with the Courtland Traver Award at the 16th Annual Advanced Real Estate Seminar in Williamsburg, VA. The award recognizes lawyers that make significant contributions to the education of real estate lawyers.

March - Professor Allison Orr Larsen has been selected by the Provost to receive an Alumni Fellowship Award. The award recognizes young members of the faculty who are outstanding as teachers. She will the award at the Alumni Society's Awards Banquet this fall.

February 23 - Professor Laura A. Heymann presented the 2012 Blackstone Lecture titled “Dialogues of Authenticity.”

February 13 - Dean Davison M. Douglas moderated The Federalist Society's panel on legal education reform and regulation. Professor Jason M. Solomon was a panelist.

February 10 - Professor Tim Zick was among the invited guest bloggers participating in the First Amendment Architecture Online Symposium sponsored by Concurring Opinions.

February 3 - Professor Laura A. Heymann was awarded the College's Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award at the  Charter Day celebration. The award was established in 1970 to recognize annually a faculty member at the College with fewer than 10 years of service whose "personal character, concern as a teacher, and influence has demonstrated the stimulation and inspiration of learning for the betterment of the individual and society as exemplified by the life of Thomas Jefferson." She is the first law professor to win the award.

February 2 - Professor Paul Marcus delivered the fifth annual Darrow K. Soll Memorial Criminal Law and Justice Lecture  at the University of Arizona law school in Tucson, AZ. 

February - Professor Christie S. Warren advised the Iraqi Council of Ministers and the United Nations Mission for Iraq on issues relating to setting up the constitutionally mandated Federation Council. While there, she gave a presentation in Parliament on comparative international options for creating upper houses of parliament in federated systems.

January 18-20 - Professor Christie S. Warren  conducted a program on Long-Term Program and Curriculum Development for senior Rule of Law Officers from the United States Department of Justice Criminal Division  Office of Overseas Prosecution Development, Assistance, and Training who are stationed in the Asia and Middle East region in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

January 16 - Professor Patricia E. Roberts was elected Chair of the Williamsburg/James City County Special Education Advisory Committee.

January 3 - Professor Laura A. Heymann was a signatory to an amicus brief filed in the Federal Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in a trademark litigation dispute between  Christian Louboutin S.A. v. Yves Saint Laurent America Holding, Inc.

January - Professor Laura A. Heymann and Professor Timothy Zick were signatories to a letter opposing SOPA/PIPA.

January - Professor Jayne Barnard is appointed to a three-year term serving on the board of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation, the charitable foundation of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.  The mission of the Foundation is to provide underserved Americans with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for financial success throughout life.