Books Not on the Shelf

When LION notes that a book's status is 'available,' but it is not on the shelf, or an unclassified book (one without a spine number label), i.e., law reviews, reporters, federal codes, etc., is not on the shelf -- report the title to the circulation staff. There are a number of possible places to check:

New Books - New books are held in the Technical Services Department following processing for approximately one month. New books may be checked out early when a patron requests the title. A "New Acquisitions List" is provided on the library's website.

Carrel, Cite Checking, & Law Faculty Check Out - Many library materials may be checked out by law students to a carrel collection, the Cite Checking Room, or by law faculty to their offices. Materials in carrel collections or faculty offices display in the online catalog as checked out. Check with the circulation staff to find out which carrel a book is located in. Students may briefly look at a carrel or cite checking book, then return it promptly to the collection. For books checked out to faculty, we may be able to retrieve the title for a brief cite check or to allow a student to photocopy an article.

Bindery Books - Books or periodical issues may be at the bindery. There is a list of titles currently at the bindery located at the circulation desk. If the book or periodical issue is still in processing, students may request that circulation staff retrieve the title for them to copy an article or check a cite.