Films and Fiction


The Law Library has a wide-ranging collection of over than 3,000 feature films and documentaries: from the dark (The Godfather and Fight Club) to the quirky (Fargo and Raising Arizona). From comedy (Get Shorty and My Cousin Vinny) to drama and historical (Philadelphia, The Killing Fields, and Mississippi Burning). From classic suspense (Dial M for Murder and North By Northwest) to westerns (High Noon and The Ox Bow Incident). Plus, we get new releases all the time! Find your favorites in our feature film directory, or see a list of all Law Library movies in the online catalog.


We also have a large fiction collection. Whether it's Truman Capote, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Toni Morrison, or Tom Wolfe, we have it. If you want to read Melville or Shakespeare, we have that too. See the online catalog for more.