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Jennifer Sekula
revised January 2009

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Some resources on this page are subscription databases that require a W&M ID and password for off-campus access.  See Off-Campus Access to Library Resources for more information.

Lexis and Westlaw require individual IDs and passwords for both off-campus and on-campus access


Library Catalog
To search for books, journals, and audiovisual materials held by William & Mary libraries, use the online catalog.

Search Tips:

  • Subject Queries--environmental law and united states, environmental policy and united states
  • Remember that individual jurisdictions can be searched, e.g. environmental law and virginia, environmental policy and virginia

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Environmental Law: KF 1298-1300 (environmental damages) KF 3775-3816 (generally). Browse the shelves under these call numbers to locate relevant treatises.

To search for materials from other libraries, use the Worldcat database on FirstSearch

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Selected Treatises

  • Grad, Frank P. Treatise on Environmental Law
    KF3775 G7
  • Gerrard, Michael B. Environmental Law Practice Guide
    KF3775 Z95E58
  • Rodgers, William H. Environmental Law
    KF3812 R6
    also available on Westlaw ENVLAW  
  • Chanin, Leah, ed. Specialized Legal Research Ref.
    KF240 S64 (includes a chapter on environmental law)

Journal Articles

Indexes to Journal Articles
Legal Trac  

Subject Queries--environmental law and united states, environmental policy and united states, or specific topics such as air pollution or hazardous waste

Indexes articles from legal journals, bar association publications, and law reviews. Includes book reviews and legal newspapers. Options for accessing this index include:

Print : Current Legal Index Coverage: 1980-Present. Updated Monthly. Location: Reference

Online coverage: 1980-Present. Updated daily.

Environmental Law Reporter--Journal Bibliography

  • The News & Analysis section contains a Journal Literature Bibliography that has recent journal articles by topic. It is published monthly. A subject index is issued annually. Options for accessing this index include:

Full Text Articles (from journals, newsletters, and legal newspapers) Specialized journals on environmental law include:

Looseleaf Services & Newsletters

Topical Services & Reporters
  • BNA Environment Reporter
    • Reports on federal and state action related to pollution control including legislation, regulations, standards, enforcement, research, and litigation. This set includes relevant statutes, regulations, and cases. Options for accessing this service include:
  • Environmental Law Reporter
    • Reports on recent developments in Congress, the courts, federal agencies, and the news. This set includes relevant treaties, statutes, administrative materials, selected briefs and pleadings, and cases. Options for accessing this service include:

  • Environmental Law Update
    • Summarizes the latest cases and major fast-breaking developments in Congress and federal agencies. Options for accessing this service include:
      • Print Location: KF3775 A6E6
  • International Environment Reporter
    • Contains short news articles arranged alphabetically by topic or country. The set also summarizes the environmental law in selected foreign countries. Options for accessing this service include:
      • Print Location: KF3775 AGI6

Additional Resources
  • Eis, Arlene L. Legal Looseleafs in Print (published annually)
    Ref. KF1 L4
  • Eis, Arlene L. Legal Newsletters in Print (published annually)
    Ref. KF1 L44

W&M Databases


Other Databases
BNA Environment and Safety Library
Contains primary source materials: environmental laws, regulations, and cases. Note that W&M does not subscribe to the entire Environment and Safety Library.

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts--Environmental Sciences  
Contains abstracts and citations from over 4000 scientific journals and thousands of other sources including conference proceedings, reports, monographs, books, and government publications. Databases include Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management, Conference Papers Index, Toxline, and links to Environmental RouteNet and Water Sources RouteNet.

World Wide Web Resource

The EPA web site contains information about pertinent federal litigation and legislation, as well as descriptions of proposed regulations and non-binding guidance documents. The site also contains numerous databases which include thousands of agency documents and reports.

Department of Justice Environmental and Natural Resources Division
ENRD responsibilities include litigation concerning the protection, use and development of the nation's natural resources and public lands, wildlife protection, Indian rights and claims, cleanup of the nation's hazardous waste sites, the acquisition of private property for federal use, and defense of environmental challenges to government programs and activities.

U.S. Department of the Interior
The DOI protects and provides access to natural and cultural heritage and honors trust responsibilities to tribes. Agencies include the National Park Service, Fish & Wildlife Service, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Bureau of Land Management.


ABA Section of Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law
An ABA section that provides a national forum for lawyers working in areas affecting natural resources, energy, and the environment.

EarthJustice, formerly known as the Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, provides links to current litigation and environmental issues. It offers information about current executive, judicial, and legislative actions concerning environmental law, as well as international environmental policies.

The Environmental Law Institute
ELI is an independent research and education center. Its website provides information on environmental research, policies, and programs, including topical research links.

Other associations may be found in the Encyclopedia of Associations.