Law School Welcomes Class of 2009

In a year when the number of law school applications around the country declined by more than six percent, William & Mary Law School’s pool of highly qualified applicants rose to 4,209. From this group the 204 members of the Class of 2009 were chosen.

The Class of 2009 has compelling academic credentials. Its median undergraduate GPA is 3.64, and its median LSAT score is 165 (93rd percentile). Its members are among the most able in the country.

The class comes from 39 states, D.C., China and Korea, and from 114 undergraduate institutions. Before law school, 45 percent of its members worked full-time. From a high-end fashion model to legal interns to military personnel to a Peace Corps volunteer, this group has a varied make-up that will contribute to both the learning environment in law school and the professional realm after graduation.

Outside the classroom and work place, this year’s first-year class possesses a plethora of talents: singing in a capella, gospel choirs, glee clubs, concert choirs, chorales; dancing; performing in bands and theatre; demonstrating physical prowess in nearly every varsity sport, as well as Tae Kwon Do, Judo, and ultimate Frisbee; and helping the community through dedicated service to a vast number of organizations, including the Humane Society, YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, Red Cross, and the Special Olympics.

Associate Dean for Admission, Faye Shealy, notes, “Critical to the future of the Law School is its ability to attract strong applicants and to continue our tradition of strong, outstanding students. For this we need the involvement of our alumni, faculty, and students —we are most able to attract the candidates whom we want to enroll when the entire law school community pulls together to explain the Law School’s virtues.” Thus far, William & Mary is succeeding in this goal.