Law Students Launch W&M VOTEline

Students at William & Mary Law School are set to launch the W&M VOTEline, a voter assistance hotline aimed at responding to difficulties students face at the voting polls locally and nationally. This non-partisan voter assistance hotline will be operated by student members of the school's Election Law Society (ELS).

"Voting is an important civic duty," Election Law Society President Jeff Palmore '09 said. "We want to ensure that all voters - young and old - who are properly registered to vote can do so. We will be manning the VOTEline phones on Election Day to answer any questions that might arise as voters arrive at a polling place to cast their vote."

VOTEline is a response to outcries from William & Mary students who faced confusion at local elections booths in the past. The Election Law Society will operate the VOTEline on November 6th as the Commonwealth of Virginia holds elections for state and local officials. William & Mary students who are registered to vote in local elections may call the hotline at (757) 221-2890 from 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. to seek information regarding their legal rights at the polls.

"I encourage William & Mary students and members of the Williamsburg community at large to call the VOTEline with any questions or concerns they may have at the polls on Election Day," Palmore said.

Students are also advised to bring a government issued form of identification to the polls on Election Day. Valid forms of identification include a voter identification card, a valid driver's license, and a W&M ID card for certain voters.

The Election Law Society hopes to use next month's election as a trial for the 2008 Presidential Election, when voter turnout will likely be much higher.

For more information about VOTEline, call Alison McGuire '10, at (757)232-2983.