Feb. 11-15: Rush Scholars to Present Papers on Health Law and Bioethics

William & Mary Law School's five Benjamin Rush Scholars will present papers addressing issues in health law and bioethics during the Benjamin Rush Symposium on Feb. 11 - 15, 2008. Each year, a select group of students who have distinguished themselves by their research are designated as Rush Scholars.

One paper will be presented by its author each day during the week at 1 PM in Room 119 of the Law School. A discussion will follow each presentation. The symposium is free and all are welcome to attend.

The annual symposium honors Benjamin Rush (1746-1813), a physician, medical professor, and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Rush founded the first clinic in the United States devoted to medical care of the poor, wrote one of the most influential books on psychiatry of his day, and was an outspoken social reformer.

Topics & Presenters:

Monday, Feb. 11: "Abortion, Feticide and Fetal Abuse: Searching for Consistency," by Julianna Frisch '08

Tuesday, Feb. 12: "Entitled in Recompense: The Federal Government's Duty to Provide Comparable Health Care for Native Americans," by Carrie Boyd '08

Wednesday, Feb. 13: "Organ Transplantation: An Overview of Thoracic Organ and Liver Allocation and What Should be Done to Improve Fairness," by Joey Noble '08

Thursday, Feb. 14: "Mistrust: Why Courts Should Stop Protecting Heath Care Monopsonies and Begin Protecting Competition Through Application of the the Antittrust Laws to Buyer-Seller Entities that Retard Competition Using Market Power and Anti-Competitive Conduct," by David Bules '08

Friday, Feb. 15: "The Physician-Pharmaceutical Relationship: Ethics for Sale?," by Dana Hall '09

For more information, contact Donald A. Tortorice at 757-221-7638 (datort@wm.edu).