Feb. 21 Symposium to Focus on Presidential Nomination Process

The William & Mary Law School's Election Law Society will present its Second Annual Election Law Symposium on Thursday, Feb. 21. The symposium is co-sponsored by the Institute of Bill of Rights Law and the Election Law Program. Featuring experts in the field of election law, the conference is built around the theme "2008, 2012 and Beyond: The Law, Politics and Future of the Presidential Nomination Process." Admission is free and all are welcome.

"The Presidential nomination process is constantly changing and often confusing-- but vitally important for our nation," Election Law Society President Jeff Palmore '09 said. "This event promises to be a timely and exciting discussion of a critical issue in American politics."

The event will be held from 3:30 to 5:00 PM in room 120 of the Law School. The symposium will feature a bi-partisan panel of highly-touted experts in the field of American election law. Panelists include Doug Chapin, Director of the Election Reform Information Project; Jason Torchinsky '01, legal advisor to former Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani; Susan Swecker, Chairwoman of the DNC Southern Caucus and Advisor to the Hillary Clinton for President campaign; and Hans von Spakovsky, former FEC Commissioner and current nominee to the FEC. The panel will be moderated by Davison M. Douglas, Hanson Professor of Law and Director of the Election Law Program.

"We often wonder why the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary are first, why the process starts earlier and earlier every four years, and about the role of delegates in the Presidential selection process," Palmore said. "This event will shed some light on these and other probing political questions."

For more information about the symposium, contact atmcguire@wm.edu or call 757-232-2983.