Warren to Participate in Signing Ceremony for Kosovo's New Constitution


Christie S. Warren, who served as an advisor during the drafting of Kosovo's Constitution, will participate in the historic signing of the document April 7 in Pristina, Kosovo. Warren, Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of the Law School's Comparative Legal Studies and Post-Conflict Justice Program, was one of three U.S. advisors to provide counsel and guidance to Kosovo leaders during the constitution drafting process.

"This document was thoughtfully and painstakingly created after the drafters engaged in consultation with a wide variety of people whose lives will be affected by it," she said. "The new constitution represents Kosovo's hope to leave the painful past behind and move into an era of peace, stability and prosperity." Along with Warren, the other U.S. advisor4s were Louis Aucoin, professor at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston and Federal District Court Judge John Tunheim from Minnesota.

"All three of us have spent many months in Kosovo over the past year, providing technical advice and conducting training programs on substantive constitutional issues to assist the drafters in making the best possible choices for their new constitution," said Warren.

The advisors were invited to participate in the constitution signing ceremonies by the U.S. government and the members of the Kosovar drafting team, most of whom are part of the new government of Kosovo. Warren is not yet sure what role she and the other advisors will play in the ceremonies, but she looks forward to witnessing and being a part of the historic event.

"I look forward to witnessing this final stage in the long and productive process of creating the new constitution of Kosovo, which we hope will mark the end of a period of violence and uncertainty and the beginning of a new era for the world's youngest country," she said.

Ryan Igbanol, a 2007 graduate of the Law School, also assisted in the constitution drafting process. Igbanol, who was named the Law School's 2007-08 Drapers Scholar and is now completing studies to receive his Masters of Law degree from Queen Mary College at the University of London, served as the legislative history coordinator for the constitution-drafting team and its advisors. In that role he compiled and organized all material and information relating to the drafting process to preserve it for historical purposes. "I am privileged to have played a role in the constitution-drafting effort," said Igbanol. "It was an absolutely humbling experience and I commend the tireless efforts of everyone involved."