Asia '09 and Case '09 Receive George Wythe Award at Graduation

Latoya C. Asia '09 and Jennifer G. Case '09 received the George Wythe Award, an award given in recognition of selfless service by a member or members of the student body, during the Law School's graduation ceremony on May 17. Dean Lynda Butler told the audience that the decision to name both as recipients was made with "Solomon-like wisdom ... recognizing ... the worthiness of both recipients."

Latoya C. Asia '09 and Dean ButlerAsia, said the Dean, "personifies what it means to lead selflessly." Among her endeavors, she served on the boards of the Public Service Fund and Student Hurricane Network. As chair of PSF's Date Auction, she led an effort that raised almost $30,000 each of the two years she served as chair, a sum representing one half of all PSF funds raised both years. In addition, as 2008-09 president of the Black Law Students Association, she led the group "successfully through the regional and national competitions to earn National Chapter of the Year honors."  The Dean quoted one nominator who wrote:"True selfless service is often done quietly and may often go unrecognized. It is for this reason that I am nominating Latoya because ... she has done it quietly and purposefully without seeking particular personal recognition." The Dean added that "poised," "unflappable," and "diplomatic" were among the adjectives used to describe her.

Jennifer G. Case '09 and Dean ButlerThe Dean said that as SBA president Jenny Case held "the most visible student position in the Law School," yet much of her most valuable service was not visible, including confidential discussions with the Dean and Vice Dean on student issues and service on the Dean's Search Committee. Butler commended her for devising a student "breakfast committee" to respond to students' concerns about having greater input in the Search, an idea illustrating her "characteristic grace and creativity" as a leader. " "An effective problem solver," said the Dean, "she dedicated countless hours to quietly serving the student body." The Dean read from one nominator who wrote that in her work with the Search committee, Case "quickly earned the confidence and trust of the faculty and alumni members of the committee" and "deserves the full share of the credit for a very successful dean search."