Law Cappella Adds Musical Notes to Students' Legal Studies

  • Sharing Harmonies
    Sharing Harmonies  Law Cappella has shared its vocal talents with the Law School community at recent events such as the Saturday picnic held during Law Alumni Weekend.  
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Since its founding in 2011, Law Cappella has given William & Mary law students a way to express themselves musically and has afforded them an opportunity to escape the rigors and stresses of cases, memos, and outlines - at least for a little while.  The College of William & Mary has a long tradition of a cappella performance  - there are currently 11 undergraduate groups - but Law Cappella is the first student organization of its kind at the Law School.

"I have found throughout law school that in order to stay sane I need some outlet for music," said James Gorsuch '13, the group's founder and president. "The idea I had for Law Cappella was to provide that outlet, and some non-law related activity, to the members of the group, as well as to benefit the entire school by providing entertainment at events."

Law Cappella has performed at the Dean's Council Dinner, at the Public Service Fund Auction, at the Oliver Hill Scholarship Banquet, and during Admitted Students and Law Alumni weekends.  The group held its first full concert on April 14.

In little more than a year, the group has attracted fans not only among students but also in the ranks of William & Mary's faculty.

"This performance group is astonishingly good, given their recent formation and the demands of law school. It is a joy to listen to them," said James Dwyer, Arthur B. Hanson Professor of Law and the group's faculty advisor.

The group's members look forward to the weekly rehearsal. Paul Wolfgramm '14, Law Cappella's incoming vice president, points out that while some students like to head to the gym after a day of classes, he and his fellow group members enjoy "recharging our batteries with laughter and vocal harmonies."

"To lose oneself in the beauty of a perfect harmony, however briefly, is to rediscover the simple pleasure of living in the present, without concern for the next assignment deadline or one's summer job search," he said. "Law Cappella also provides new members, like me, a great opportunity to network with peers who share a common interest in music."

Both Gorsuch and Wolfgramm are optimistic that Law Cappella has great potential for growth as William & Mary law students - and the Law School community - experience the music and joy that is a product of the group's dedication and hard work.

Looking to the future, Gorsuch said, "I'm very proud of how far we've come in just over a year of existence as an organization, and I hope that the group continues to grow and develop for years to come."