Law School Breaks Records With Holiday Food Collection Efforts

  • Thanksgiving Baskets 2013
    Thanksgiving Baskets 2013  Students representing 18 firms in the Legal Practice Program spent an evening creating imaginative baskets out of various food products.  Photo by David F. Morrill
  • Thanksgiving Baskets 2013
    Thanksgiving Baskets 2013  William & Mary law students in Firm 6 won "Most Creative" and "Judge's Choice" in this year's Thanksgiving Basket Competition for "Tort Gardens" Amusement Park.  Photo by David F. Morrill
  • Thanksgiving Baskets 2013
    Thanksgiving Baskets 2013  Firm 6's "Tort Gardens" Amusement Park won "Most Creative" category.  Photo by David F. Morrill
  • Thanksgiving Baskets 2013
    Thanksgiving Baskets 2013  Firm 5's eye-opening replica of King William and Queen Mary's throne won "Best Content."  Photo by David F. Morrill
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William & Mary Law School’s annual Thanksgiving food basket drive, sponsored by the Black Law Students Association (BLSA), saw law students take an evening study break on Thursday, Nov. 21 to create a number of inspired basket displays in the school lobby. Their efforts led to the collection of a record amount of food to help needy families in the Williamsburg area.

“The BLSA Thanksgiving basket collection is a long and lovely tradition here at the Law School, and is yet another manifestation of our law students’ strong commitment to service,” said Davison Douglas, Dean of the Law School.

Each year just before Thanksgiving, first-year students representing firms from the Legal Practice Program compete by creating basket displays from a wide variety of canned and boxed food products. Eighteen firms participated this year.

In 2012, students broke records by contributing more than 4,000 food items; this year, contributions numbered more than 7,000. In addition, students raised several thousand dollars in cash to purchase food for needy families.  Law Firm 5 led the way by raising nearly $2,200.

Law Firm 6 collected more than 500 food items and $1,760 in cash contributions. The group won the prize for “Most Creative” display, a detailed amusement park entitled “Tort Gardens,” and was also named “Judge’s Choice” for overall winner.

The “Best Content” award went to Firm 5 for its ornate replica of King William and Queen Mary’s throne.

Less than 24 hours after the basket displays were painstakingly assembled, they were donated to the Campus Kitchen at William & Mary for distribution to underprivileged families throughout Williamsburg.

“Congratulations to all of our first-year students on such an extraordinary effort,” Douglas said.

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