Law School to Host Tenth Annual Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference

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    Property Rights & Individual Liberty  The Brigham-Kanner Prize recognizes a person whose life work affirms that property rights are fundamental to individual liberty. Professor James E. Krier, at right, was honored with the 2012 prize. Professor Thomas W. Merrill will receive the 2013 prize in October.  
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Professor MerrillWilliam & Mary Law School will host the Tenth Annual Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Conference on Oct. 17-18. During the conference, Professor Thomas W. Merrill of Columbia Law School will be honored with the 2013 Brigham-Kanner Prize, which is awarded by the project in recognition of professional endeavors that affirm that property rights are fundamental to individual liberty. The conference will include panels on Merrill's impact as a scholar, promoting government forbearance, and property rights in times of transition.  The event also will feature a round table panel and discussion about the implications of the U.S. Supreme Court's recent takings cases. Registration is $50 (with an additional fee for the Oct. 17 reception and dinner). CLE credit will be available.

 "We are delighted, once again, to bring together the nation's leading property law scholars and practitioners to discuss property rights," said William & Mary Chancellor Professor of Law Lynda L. Butler, director of the Property Rights Project. "The occasion also gives us the chance to honor Tom Merrill," she said, "who is truly one of the giants in the field."

The Brigham-Kanner Property Rights Prize is named in recognition of Toby Prince Brigham and Gideon Kanner for their lifetime contributions to private property rights and their efforts to advance the constitutional protection of property. Previous prize recipients include Professor Frank I. Michelman of Harvard University (2004), Professor Richard A. Epstein of the University of Chicago (2005), Professor James W. Ely, Jr. of Vanderbilt University (2006), Professor Margaret Jane Radin of the University of Michigan (2007), Robert C. Ellickson of Yale University (2008), Richard E. Pipes of Harvard University (2009), Carol M. Rose of the University of Arizona (2010), retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (2011), and Professor James E. Krier of Michigan Law School.

Conference Co-Chair Joseph T. Waldo, a partner and president of Waldo & Lyle in Norfolk, Va., said the annual gathering grew from the idea that it was vital to provide a forum in which academic experts could meet and exchange ideas with members of the practicing bar. "The practicing bar is at the forefront of the effort to protect the traditions of property rights, which are a cornerstone of democracy," he said.

Panelists include:

Dana Berliner, Institute for Justice, Arlington, Va.
Andrew Prince Brigham, Brigham Property Rights Law Firm, PLLC, Jacksonville, Fla.
James S. Burling, Pacific Legal Foundation, Sacramento, Calif.
Lynda L. Butler, William & Mary Law School
J. Peter Byrne, Georgetown University Law Center
Hanoch Dagan, Tel Aviv University Law School
Nestor M. Davidson, Fordham University School of Law
Holly Doremus, U.C. Berkeley School of Law
Robert Ellickson, Yale Law School
James W. Ely, Jr., Vanderbilt University
William Fischel, Dartmouth College
Christopher L. Griffin, Jr., William & Mary Law School
Larissa Katz, University of Toronto
James E. Krier, University of Michigan
Thomas W. Merrill, Columbia Law School
Michael Rikon, Goldstein, Rikon, Rikon & Houghton, P.C., New York, N.Y.
Mark Savin, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A., Minneapolis, Minn.
Henry E. Smith, Harvard Law School
Ilya Somin, George Mason University School of Law
James Y. Stern, William & Mary Law School
Laura Underkuffler, Cornell Law School
Joseph T. Waldo, Waldo & Lyle, P.C., Norfolk, Va.

There is a $50 conference registration fee, which includes admission to all panels, the round table, and Friday's breakfast and lunch. There is an additional fee of $100 for the Oct. 17 reception and dinner. There is no registration fee for law students who wish to attend (but advance registration is required).

To register or for other information, please call Kathy Burger at (757)221-3796 (or email [[w|lsdevl]]).