William & Mary Alumni Association Inducts Shealy as Honorary Alumna

  • Honorary Alumna
    Honorary Alumna  Faye Shealy (right) is welcomed as an honorary alumna by Barbara Cole Joynes '82, president of the William & Mary Alumni Association.  Photo by David F. Morrill
  • Honorary Alumna
    Honorary Alumna  Barbara Cole Joynes '82 (left) and President Taylor Reveley (right) congratulate Lee Foster, Gilbert Elston and Faye Shealy as they join the W&M alumni fold. (Not pictured: Eff and Patricia Martin.)  Photo by David F. Morrill
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Widely recognized as one of the hardest working admissions professionals in the country, Faye Shealy, the associate dean of admissions at William & Mary Law School, has been instrumental in helping mint thousands of Law School alumni over the years. Recently, the College returned the favor by welcoming her into its alumni fold.

On May 10, Shealy joined fellow inductees Gilbert Elston and Lee Foster--Eff and Patricia Martin were unable to attend--at the Alumni House for the annual Honorary Alumni Ceremony.

“I am so proud that these folks will become honorary alumni today,” said Karen Cottrell '66, M.Ed. '69, Ed.D. '82, executive vice president of the William & Mary Alumni Association. “I’ve known them for a long time, and thank them for all they’ve done for me and for alumni, and for this college in general.”

William & Mary President Taylor Reveley was also on hand to praise the honorees for a willingness to roll up their sleeves to help the College move forward, and to stick with it faithfully through thick and thin.

“It is just such people we celebrate today,” Reveley said. “A small but extraordinary band who didn’t actually go to school at William & Mary, but who over the years have become such devoted friends, such magnificent supporters of the College, that they’re brought officially into the embrace of the William & Mary alumni family.”

Shealy was praised for 30 years of extraordinary service to the Law School and its students.

“Over Christmas break, Faye personally called all 700 of the Law School’s admitted applicants,” said Barbara Cole Joynes ’82, president of the William & Mary Alumni Association. “Many admitted law students mention Faye personally when asked why they chose William & Mary.”

Shealy thanked the several law deans she worked with since joining the College in 1982, from William B. Spong, Jr., to Davison Douglas. She particularly praised their differences in leadership style.

“They’ve all had two things in common--all worked hard to make William & Mary better for the next generation of students and lawyers,” she said. “They had high expectations for my work, and their leadership has inspired me to try to meet their expectations.”

Shealy grew up in Virginia, and earned degrees from Virginia Tech and Virginia Commonwealth University. While completing her Ed.D. at Tech, she was offered an opportunity to join the William & Mary community and work with prospective students.

“I have known the College as a unique place to study and to learn--a place with high standards, important traditions, outstanding programs, and an environment for learning,” she said. “I hope I will show my appreciation as a faithful and proud honorary alum by being true to William & Mary’s core values and keeping the College close at heart.”