Professor Timothy Zick Featured in Documentary Film, Preempting Dissent

Professor Tim Zick is featured in the open source documentary film, Preempting Dissent.  Excerpts from the film can be found here. According to its creators, the film “exposes the political, social, and economic roots of preemptive forms of protest policing and their manifestations in spatial tactics[.]” 

The documentary has been screened in locations across the world, including Istanbul, Cambridge, and Montreal. It received the 2014 Kelly Thomas Award for Best Social Commentary at the Action on Film Festival in Los Angeles, California.

Speech Out of Doors (CUP, book jacket)Professor Zick is the author of the article Speech and Spatial Tactics (Texas Law Review, 2006).  His first book, Speech Out of Doors: Preserving First Amendment Liberties in Public Places (Cambridge University Press, 2009), examined the relationship between place and expressive freedoms.