Military Mondays (Puller Clinic & Starbucks): Vote Online for ABA's Brown Select Innovation Honor!

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    Miltary Mondays  Through the pilot program sponsored by Starbucks and the Puller Veterans Benefits Clinic, veterans receive advice and counsel at no cost.  Photo by David Morrill
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Military Mondays, a pilot program launched by William & Mary Law School's Puller Veterans Benefits Clinic in partnership with Starbucks' Armed Services Network, has been selected as among the nominees for the American Bar Association's 2016 Louis Brown Award for Legal Access. The Brown Award "honors programs and projects dedicated to matching the unmet legal needs of the middle class and those of moderate incomes with lawyers who provide affordable legal information, services and representation. The award is presented annually to those who have made innovative contributions to the delivery of legal services in ways that are exemplary and replicable."

Cast Your Vote for the "Brown Select" Honor

The "Brown Select" recognition will be given to the nominee that receives the most online votes from the general public by noon (central time) on Friday, January 8.  You can cast a vote for Military Mondays, or another of the more than two dozen nominated programs and projects, by going onine today.