Law School Hosts Neighborhood Criminal Justice Roundtable on May 20-21

On May 20th and 21st, William & Mary Law School will host the third installment of the Neighborhood Criminal Justice Roundtable. The event will bring together a tremendous group of criminal justice experts from William & Mary and nearby schools. The roundtable will focus on a range of topics including police powers, barriers between the prosecution and defense attorney communities, Fifth Amendment protections, victim rights, and the future of the death penalty.
The participants include:
Jeffrey Bellin (William & Mary)
Darryl Brown (University of Virginia)
Brandon Garrett (University of Virginia)
Adam Gershowitz (William & Mary)
Lisa Griffin (Duke University)
Rachel Harmon (University of Virginia)
Carissa Hessick (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Joseph Kennedy (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Corinna Lain (University of Richmond)
Jennifer Roberts (American University)
Neil Vidmar (Duke University)
Cynthia Ward (William & Mary)
Ron Wright (Wake Forest University)
Professor BellinAccording to the organizer, Professor Jeffrey Bellin of William & Mary Law School, “bringing together respected voices in criminal justice scholarship like these is one step on the long path to creating and implementing fairer and more effective criminal justice policies.”

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