Message from the Puller Veterans Benefits Clinic

Add your name by Friday, Nov. 11, so that the consortium of law school veterans clinics can be recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs

The information and sign up is here:

As we approach Veterans Day, the law schools who help veterans on a pro bono basis need just your name in support of their work . . . Help us reach our goal of 500 more names before Veterans Day!

The law school members of the National Law School Veterans Clinic Consortium are forming a veteran service organization (VSO) so that the Consortium can be recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and gain increased access to our veteran client records and VA claims resources. To do this, we must provide the names of 2,000 supporters of law school veterans clinics who are willing to be considered “members” of our VSO. We just need about 300 more names by Friday!

Membership requires no dues, and simply notes your support for the work of law school clinics serving veterans. If you are willing to be included as one of the members of our membership organization, please indicate that by including your name on the Google form. Your email address is not required, but if you provide it, the Puller Veterans Benefits Clinic will be happy to add you to our email list so that we can keep you up to date on activities of the national consortium. Other than adding your name as a member, nothing else will be asked of you as a result of your membership, and you will have no further obligation as a result of adding your name. You are encouraged to forward this to friends and family as well!

Thank you for your support of veterans and the law school clinics and attorneys who are assisting them on a pro bono basis.