In Their Own Words: Members of the William & Mary Community Remember Dean Jackson

I knew Liz through the law school but even more so because she and I served as Elders at Williamsburg Presbyterian Church and followed one another as Chair of the Administration Ministry. She was such an easygoing person of such great ability who gave of her time and talent so graciously, helping me with whatever I needed and showing me the way. I’m so sorry her life ended in such a freak accident just as she was planning her retirement, and I will certainly miss her. My deepest sympathies go out to her husband and family.

Betsy C. Anderson, Trustee
W&M Law School Foundation


I was sad to hear of Dean Jackson's passing last month. Thank you for honoring her with the Provost's message and the news release. I only spoke with her a few times while I was a student, but each time left with the feeling that everything was going to be OK. That's a gift that I've started to appreciate as rare among people who handle so much responsibility. She was exceedingly competent, patient, and graceful, and I'm grateful to have been a student during her tenure as Dean.

It speaks to the quality of the Law School and the high value we place on people that we had such a wonderful person serve for so long. Keep up the good work.

Sada Andrews
J.D. Class of 2004