Lawyer Up: Paul Rowley Takes His Skills to the Court (W&M Magazine)

This story appeared in the Winter 2018 issue of the magazine.  You can also read the March 2 story on, "Rowley Named Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year."

Paul Rowley, law studentWhen you have a tall kid, you make them play basketball. It’s an unspoken parenting rule that Paul Rowley’s ’17, J.D. ’20 parents did not ignore. Already 5ʹ8ʺ at 11 years old, Rowley was thrown into the world of basketball and has been playing ever since.

“My story is all about hard work, persistence and probably a little bit of obsession,” Rowley says. “I’ve probably played basketball seven days a week in what seems like a million years. In high school, I used to wake up at five every morning and go shoot a thousand threes every day before school, cut some class to play basketball and stay after school to play ball. It was, and still is, my identity.” Read more.

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