Tune In for Office Hours: The Newest Podcast (of the Country's Oldest Law School)

Office Hours logo"Office Hours" is the official podcast of William & Mary Law School featuring light but substantive conversations with prominent experts from the faculty as well as other notable contributors. The podcast is co-hosted by a William & Mary Law School student, Michaela Lieberman, and Professor Jeffrey Bellin. It presents a topical conversation with a different expert each week. Each episode includes an introductory segment with Michaela and Jeff, an interview with the episode’s guest, and a short summary segment (plus eclectic music!)

Professor Bellin is an award-winning teacher and an expert on evidence and criminal procedure. Michaela Lieberman is one of William & Mary’s top law students and a former professional improv comic.

The series is available on SoundCloud and on iTunes.

Episode 5 (March 13): The Real Taylor Reveley
Guest, William & Mary President Taylor Reveley. Finishing out the last year of his ten-year term, President Reveley looks back over his career, discusses the state of higher education and William & Mary, and reveals his plans for the future.

Episode 4 (Feb. 27): The 3L with the 95 MPH Fastball
Guest, former Major League Baseball pitcher, and current William & Mary 3L, Bill Bray. Bill discusses how six years pitching for the Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals prepares you for law school.

Episode 3 (February 20): ACLU Uncensored
Guest, President of the ACLU, Susan Herman. Ms. Herman talks about her path to becoming the nation’s leading civil libertarian, the status of free speech on campus, and the role of the non-partisan ACLU in an increasingly partisan landscape.

Episode 2 (February 13): How Healthy is Health Law?
Guest, William & Mary Law School Professor Stacy Kern-Scheerer. Professor Kern-Scheerer talks about her experience drafting legislation like the Affordable Care Act, and the status of Obamacare after the repeal of the individual mandate. They also discuss pressing topics like how many legs does a stool need to remain standing.

Episode 1 (February 6): What's the Deal with Bitcoin?
Guest, William & Mary Law School Professor Eric Chason. Professor Chason discusses the legal implications of Bitcoin, while also telling the hosts about his childhood, musical talents, and more.

About William & Mary Law School

Thomas Jefferson founded William & Mary Law School in 1779 to train leaders for the new nation. Now in its third century, America's oldest law school continues its historic mission of educating citizen lawyers who are prepared both to lead and to serve.